Flash a million-dollar smile with help from Mission Ridge Family Dentistry

Dentistry is considered to be just as important a practice as dermatology, cosmetology, radiology and some of the others. The bottom line is that people around the world are concerned about being healthy throughout life and also want to look good. If you are in the United States, then it would make sense to choose the modern practice of Mission Ridge Family Dentistry in Fremont, California.

Have you faced a problem of misaligned teeth in life? Even if you have, the thought of having to put wires and brackets in the mouth is likely to have turned you off. In contrast to the above, a modern solution is now available. The people of Oakland can now visit an East Bay Family Dentist, who is able to offer modern braces to patients. This set of braces is known as Invisalign, and as the name suggests, they are virtually invisible and also do not give an uncomfortable feel inside the mouth. In fact, at times you may feel that the equipment is not even there!

Important modern dentistry equipment

Speaking of equipment, it is important for any dentistry clinic to have the latest technology available in the market. After all, that is what will make you feel confident of visiting the clinic. As an example, modern dental chairs by Adec are used by many reputed dentistry centers. Similarly, in order to capture fine details of every tooth, Schick dental radiography sensors are highly suitable. Apart from the above, the use of digital software helps prevent the use of paper as far as possible, thereby reducing carbon footprint on Earth.

Experienced dentist and team

Mission Ridge Family Dentistry only works with experienced dentists, ensuring that every diagnosis and treatment is completed with utmost care and precision. After all, dentistry isn’t about just providing perfect smiles but also about connecting with people. While clinical experience is very important in getting the job done, the human connect helps in putting patients at ease in the ‘dreaded’ chair.

All dentists and their teams are constantly on their toes while enhancing their experience on modern dentistry equipment. Improved methods and tools are constantly made available to them. Each team member makes it a point to adapt to new technology before facing the patient.

Available services

Dental services are usually segregated into general and cosmetic. Some of the common general services provided by an Easy Bay family dentist are as follows:

  • Regular dental examination
  • Tooth cleaning and consultation
  • Dental crowns
  • Composite dental fillings
  • Dentures
  • Extractions & Oral surgery
  • Dental bridges

Unlike the above, cosmetic dentistry is carried out to improve facial appearance, in most cases. For example, it is possible to change the shape of teeth or remove discolourations through dental bonding. Various services under the cosmetic dentistry category include:

    • Dental implants
    • Dental bonding
    • Oakland veneers
    • Single tooth implants
    • Invisalign



One of the major advantages of choosing one or more of the cosmetic dentistry services is that they help in boosting self-confidence to a great extent. Treatment at such reputed centers will ensure that you are comfortable, both on the physical as well as the emotional fronts.


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